My winning package from Beckett

About a week ago, Chris Olds held a short contest via Twitter in which he showed a screenshot of the movie Top Gun, and wanted participants to name the actor in the image that has a certified autograph. Well, after making four guesses, I had the right answer: Adrian Pasdar, an actor from Heroes. (Altered image can be seen here.) The winner of said contest was to receive a baseball autograph.

Well, my package arrived Saturday and here is the baseball autograph: 2005 UD USA Baseball dual signature of Jonah Nickerson and Kevin Gunderson, both of whom played for Oregon State University, winners of the 2006 NCAA National Championship. Cool card.


But there was something else in the package that was equally as awesome: A Chris Olds custom card in the likes of 2008 Topps Allen & Ginter; his face emblazoned on an image of Nick Swisher. The card is “numbered” to 50 and like a business card as there is some basic information on the back: name, e-mail address and title with the company.  Laugh all you want — I some of you don’t like Chris — but you know somewhere on your computer you’ve got a custom A&G card too. ChrisOldsNow, which do you think is cooler: The above Olds card or this Jim Beckett, which Topps actually produced.

2 Responses to “My winning package from Beckett”

  1. Hahaha. FYI: It’s my custom business card (made just for the show) that I gave out to some people at The National. Only 150 total were printed — three different ink colors for numbering.

  2. Nice card, too bad they’re not wearing the beaver uniforms. The OSU Beavers played a exhibition game in my town last saturday, too bad college football was on or i would of went.

    Is the card up for trade?

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