VIDEO Box Break: 1996 SPX Baseball

About a week ago I wrote about my love for the original SPX cards. Not the junk that UD passes off these days as SPX or simply X, but the original stuff: the die-cut cards with the holoview technology, the one-card per pack, hit-or-miss product that collectors loved back in the mid 90s. Well, no less than two days after writing about it, I bought a box of 1996 baseball on ebay for about $36. I decided to do my first ever video break. I’ll scan the cards and post them later this week when I’ve got more time.

[qik url=”″ width=”425″ height=”319″]

A little background about the video. I’m using a Web site called Qik. Some of you may be familiar with it, but some media-type folks like myself are using this site for multimedia stuff because you can stream video … live. No editing and uploading to YouTube. I mean L-I-V-E, as if you can watch me rip packs or break a box as I do it. Baring a few seconds lag time, the site is pretty good for a low-budget multimedia video. In the future I’ll try to give advance notice here, but if you’re on Twitter, it’s even easier to get the word out that way. That is what I did on Wednesday when this box arrived. You can follow me at Also, my future videos will be posted at HERE.

Check out Qik if you’re interested. Basically you can use your smart phone (I’m using a Samsung BlackJack II) to all this stuff, no need for high-quality video cameras unless your shooting other types of movies. Oh, and the site is free. Enjoy.

2 Responses to “VIDEO Box Break: 1996 SPX Baseball”

  1. That was awesome. Couldn’t wait for the dual break, huh?

    I will def. have mine sometime next week!

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