Rookie Card Showcase: 2007 Bowman Heritage Tommy Hanson

Another prospect box success story.

Another prospect box success story.

Here’s why I love keeping my cheap prospects separated: You never know what you’ll unearth. This is not the best Tommy Hanson rookie card on the market, but it happens to be the one and only one I own — and I didn;t really know it until I went digging through my prospects. For every 100 prospect cards that’ll never be worth the cardboard they are printed one, you find one card that makes the whole effort worth while.

Hanson should be on his way to earning 2009 National League Rookie of the Year honors, and this 2007 Bowman Heritage Prospects card shows Hanson without that scraggly goatee. Until I go out an acquire a Bowman Chrome rookie, this one will have to do for my personal collection.

This is the part 11 of an ongoing series. To see other parts in this series, click here.

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