Because Chase Utley is awesome …


This is not pre-printed.

… I had to re-post this through the mail (TTM) success from like a year and a half ago. This is indeed an authentic Chase Utley autograph. Not pre-printed. Real. As in the Sharpie is ON TOP of the photo.

Lots of people have sent to Utley over the years, and in recent seasons, Utley has been sending back pre-printed cards like his buddy Ryan Howard. But this, my friends, is real. A card touched by greatness, signed by a World Series legend. Yes, I am the greatest. /sarcasm.


4 Responses to “Because Chase Utley is awesome …”

  1. Yes, it’s real, I got a similar on like that and was PSA/DNA as authentic! BTW, is possible that the World Series MVP can come from a losing team? If Chase hits another HR in Game 6 would he win it despite not winning the title?

  2. I’ve also been wondering about Utley winning the MVP regardless of whether the Phils pull it out or not. It happened once before. 1960 Bobby Richardson of the Yankees. He got the MVP even though the Pirates beat the Yanks.

  3. I think the MVP in the World Series HAS to come from the winning team. How Valuable are you if your team doesn’t win? The MVP is either going to be Rivera or Utley, just a matter of whose team wins

  4. So this point was made sveral times on talk radio today: Bobby Richarson (Yankees) won the WS MVP and his team lost to the Pirates on a walk-off homer from Bill Mazeroski. It should be noted that some believe the voting took place BEFORE the Mazeroski homer. So I guess an MVP has come from a losing team before, but not sure if that would happen here. Utley’s stats have been great, but if he has not ultimately led his team to a Series victory, was he truly the MOST valuable player? I’d say no.

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