Topps just doesn’t like Derek Jeter



I hope Jeter is wearing a cup.


Derek Jeter was a spokesman for Upper Deck. In 2007, we saw the biggest gimmick in the history of sports cards when rival card maker Topps issued a basic Derek Jeter card that showed him striking out and then had images of Mickey Mantle and President George W. Bush Photoshoped into the background.

Well, the other day I unearthed this 2003 Topps Opening Day Derek Jeter and can’t help that Topps’ photo editor for this particular set must also have hated Jeter. It looks like Jeremy Burnitz is about to deliver a headshot to Jeter’s junk here. Also, I have yet to determine if someone Photoshoped the ball into Jeter’s glove. Notice Jeter is still waiting for the ball, yet it looks like it has already arrived. And from the angle we are given, the ball looks awfully white and somewhat out of place.

One Response to “Topps just doesn’t like Derek Jeter”

  1. Amazing. Never realized the Jeter gimmick was a shot at UD!

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