Yankees win World Series, Red Sox fan rejoices …briefly

JeterringsWhen the Red Sox were eliminated from the playoffs a few weeks back, I openly stated that I was cheering for the Yankees to win their 27th World Series. It was a statement that drew a little criticism from fellow Red Sox fans. Well, now that the Yankees have won their freakin’ title, I can briefly enjoy the moment for it has re-ignited my hatred for the Yankees.

For the last five years Red Sox fans have had it good with their two World Series titles, and to some degree, a great deal of success over the Yankees. But I also feel that Sox fans have become a bit complacent in the notion that the team from Boston has been better in theory than the team from the Bronx, New York. This Yankee title should fire up the Red Sox Nation and put a charge into BoSox management to make the moves that will again put the Red Sox on top. Seeing the Yankees raise the trophy Wednesday brought back a lot of negative emotion for me, the same kind I felt in 2003 when Aaron Boone took Tim Wakefield deep in Game 7 of the ALCS. I would hope that those who call the shots in Boston feel the same way.

As for the true baseball fan in me, I will say that I am happy that Derek Jeter got his fifth ring and A-Rod his first. I am also pleased that with the team of hired guns, the World Series Most Valuable Player was a player who was on the outs, Hideki Matsui. However, I am saddened that the season is over and for the next six months there will be little baseball to be watched. I am just hoping that the MLB Network can give us something worth watching, not just replaying this 2009 World Series on a loop.

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