Now THIS is how Allen & Ginter cards should look

2006AllenGinterMiniCapAnsonWe’re now in our fourth year of Topps’ version of Allen & Ginter’s World Champions. The set is always a huge hit upon release. The design is rather simple, yet the resemblance to the century-old set appeals to all collectors. But over the last couple years, it seems like A&G is lacking something. Perhaps it’s the fact that the players featured on the card look too realistic. I recently rediscovered this 2006 mini version of Cap Anson I pulled a few years back. Isn’t this artist rendering almost more-appealing than some of the newer AllenĀ  & Ginter cards?

2 Responses to “Now THIS is how Allen & Ginter cards should look”

  1. Personally, I want the images on my cards to look like the players. This is one of the reasons why I have issues with Goudey and even Masterpieces. I’m not buying the cards for “artistic renderings.” I want as accurate a representation of players as possible.

  2. This is actually a reprint of Cap’s Original 1888 Allen & Ginter card. Topps put most, if not all, the baseball originals in the 2006 set.

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