Thrift Treasures Part XVI: Binder of cards for $2


The Intimidator

It’s not so rare for me to walk into one of my local thrift stores and see a bunch of cards for sale. Sometimes they are literally junk, other times they are solid vintage cards that have taken a beating by their original owner. Nonetheless, if the price is right and something catches my eye, I’ll bite no matter what they are really worth. After all I am a card collector and a blogger, worth is a relative term.


The haul this time is a small 1-inch green binder full of sports cards stuffed into binder pages. There were four sports stuffed into 18 9-pocket pages, each little slot filled with two cards, just like we used to do as a kid. The eye test must have turned a lot of people off initially. The binder had been marked down no less than five times starting at $14.96, all the way down to the $1.99 that I got it for.

Well start with a few cards from the 1993 Upper Deck set:


Jay Buhner playing a game of grab-ass with Ken Griffey Jr.; an odd card of Yankees catcher Matt Nokes taking hacks off a tee; Franklin stubbs looking rather stub-like due to the camera angle; Thomas Howard and his rubber baseball bat;a shot of Leo Gomez’s crotch; Omar Vizquel showing off the latest in home video cameras, and a classic card showing a player hold the card you are looking at. Oooh, magic.

A pair interesting cards from 1993 Score:

TT1693ScoreBacksLove the lengthy stat box for Bert Blyleven and the false vitals for Mike LaValliere. Any really believe LaValliere is 205 pounds? Didn’t think so.

Three cards of Hall of Famer Rickey Henderson:


A trio of 1993 Dennys Upper Deck Grand Slam cards. Love these:


Two 1993 Best minor league cards, Troy Percival and former Blue Jays prospect Florida State Quarterback Chris Weinke. Yes, its the SAME Weinke.


Two Nolan Ryans: 1992 Donruss Coca-Cola and 1993 Mothers Cookies Farewell Set


Half a 2003 Oakland Athletics Stadium Give-away set, including The Big Three: Zito, Hudson and Mulder, as well as Eric Chavez and Miguel Tejada



And my favorite cards in the binder, 1993 Athletics Mother’s Cookies cards including Tony LaRussa, Mark McGwire and Dennis Eckersley.


What I cant figure out is why on earth there are SIX Kevin Seitzer cards. Hmm.


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