This Crap Needs To Stop

UDZambranoI’ll keep this short: There is NO reason why I should be looking at two Carlos Zambrano cards two years apart that bear the same image. Seriously, was this image so good on 2007 Goudey that it had to be re-used for 2009 Goodwin Champions? Dear Upper Deck, as you move into a new era of your company, I plead with you: STOP RE-USING POSES.

4 Responses to “This Crap Needs To Stop”

  1. If I was losing my baseball license I would probably mail this one in too.

    Next year the card will be different – they will airbrush out those cubs logos.

    Your right, Doing this for a marquee player is just plain lazy.

  2. If you want to get really frustrated, check out any Phil Niekro card from Upper Deck, ever.

  3. @Dayf I know that pose well … Phil doing the knuckle ball pose, holding it out for the camera while his face looks like he just heard his dog got run over.

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