The Most Hated Card in my Collection (Contest)

Sexson1Yes, it’s true. There is a baseball card in my collection that I absolutely hate, and I can’t seem to get rid of it. Look at this chunk of junk: 2002 Donruss Big League Challenge Materials Dual Relic of Richie Sexson.

The card features pieces of a jersey and pants that Richie wore during an exhibition challenge played Feb. 8 and Feb. 9, 2002. First off, the relics are utterly worthless. It was a one-time event that 99 percent of America didn’t even know occurred, plus it’s Richie Sexson — who has three followers, Richie Sexson, his mother and probably one guy who met him when he was with the Indians. And because this was an exhibition, I cannot find a team collector who might enjoy this. And lastly, it’s encapsulated in this massive SCD slab (meaning it can’t just hide with the rest of my crappy relics) that keeps the relics in their “untouched” state. Yes, the relics have never been touched by human hands, the company proclaims!

Are you a fan of Richie Sexson? Do you love these relic cards? Are you pining to own it? Well, the card can be yours. All you have to do is leave a comment telling me what card in your collection is your most hated. Then the winner (selected by random drawing) will have to send me an SASE (bubble mailer w/ postage). Simple, right? “Contest” ends Sunday at midnight pacific.

5 Responses to “The Most Hated Card in my Collection (Contest)”

  1. Hmmm, Sexson was a Brewer at the time, and at the time I thought he was awesome, so I will take a crack at it…

    The most hated card in my collection HAS to be my ’89 Donruss Gary Sheffield. As a true Brew Crew fan, I hate all my Sheffield cards equally, but this one I actually had to buy induvidually, as it was not included in the team set I bought. Have fun never making the Hall of Fame, Gary!

  2. Aarrgh! I have TWO of these damn things, both of Richie Sexson and both different from this one!!! Is Richie the only player in this set???

  3. This is not an entry. It’s just a comment letting you know how right you are about how awful that card is. There’s no way that card would ever gain entry into my collection.

  4. This is not an entry and I repeat, this is not an entry but:
    How did you end up with such a weird card in the first place? ebay? packs? cash for clunkers? trick or treat?

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