1998 Leaf Rookies & Stars “Standing Ovations”: A significant serial number

1998LeafRCSStandingOMcGwirefrontSince the late 1990s, serial numbered cards have become a staple in our hobby. Prior to their introduction, collectors were left wondering just how scarce scarce was. With a serialized print run, collectors were able to determine just how many copies of a certain card existed, and which one in the entire run they owned. They also were able to add perceived value to their card if their copy was a certain serial number, i.e. the first, last, the player’s jersey, number, etc. In 1998 I opened a fair share of Leaf Rookies & Stars blasters and pulled this “Standing Ovations” Mark McGwire card, serial numbered 4949/5000. What’s the significance of this card: the serial number. The actual number 4949 means nothing, but “49” does — it was the number of home runs he hit during his 1987 rookie year. Now I realize this is a bit of a stretch, after all 4949 isn’t 49. But 4949 is just so much cooler than say, 3726 or 1165. Does the serial number add value to the card? No. But it has rendered this particular card unattainable as it remains in by box of Personal Collection inserts.1998LRCStandingOMcGwireback

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