Looks like Josh Hamilton is back to his old tricks

Get your mind out of the gutter, I’m talking about his signing ways. Some 18 days after receiving a Through The Mail (TTM) success from Josh Hamilton, I received yet another from the Ranger outfielder, and this time the envelope contained two signatures.

Earlier this month I received a autograph from Hamilton, 18 months after I sent him one. I’d sent that request during 2008 Spring Training after having failed on a previous attempt to get his signature TTM. From the looks of it, Hamilton is merely catching up on the thousands upon thousands of TTM requests he’s gotten in recent years.

Mr. Hamilton, Thank you for the signatures. As a sign of good faith — I certainly don’t need three Hamilton autos — I’m going to give one away during a contest this week. Stay tuned for details on the contest.

One Response to “Looks like Josh Hamilton is back to his old tricks”

  1. I have been reading your website for a while now and I have grown increasingly curious how do you go about getting the TTM signatures? I mean literally where do you get the address to mail these guys cards? I have a lot of cards and some guys that I would love to get signuatures of, can you enlighten me? If so i will provide my personal email to you so you dont have to provide that information to the general public if its something you wish to keep on the DL. if not please let me know, I would love to get at Josh Hamilton signature after personally watching him slug 28 home runs at Yankee Stadium at the 2008 Allstart game, I’d frame the damn thing with my ticket stub to the homerun derby! I greatly appreciate the info. Stay well.

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