Dear Topps, about your 2010 base set …

Dear Topps,

I saw the design for your base set 2010 and I would like to say that I enjoy it a bit. I know it’s a fusion of an old Bazooka set and a Topps set, but it looks a bit refreshing. Traditionalists may not like it because it looks pretty modern, but I dig it. Anyhow, that is not the reason I am writing today. My reason for this post is to let you know that as a collector I would implore you NOT to make Alex Rodriguez, David Wright or Ryan Howard the first card in the set. Hell, don’t even make it of a certain player. Please, pretty please, return to the days of making the World Series championship team the first card in the set. In the 1970s Topps did this for a few years and it looks pretty neat.  And I don’t mean to make it a gimmick either. Don’t short print it. Don’t add a picture of Hans Solo or C-3po. And please leave Mickey Mantle out of the Yankee celebration. Just a straight up Yanks celebration, maybe even a shot of them hoisting the WS Trophy. Bottom line, do the right thing and honor the World Series team with the very first card in each year’s set. I’m sick of seeing Alex Rodriguez grace the first card in the set. He has been the first card in three of the last four sets (2006, 2008 and 2009.)

Yours in cardboard,



3 Responses to “Dear Topps, about your 2010 base set …”

  1. He has been the first card of the Topps set more than any player in history. He passed Hank Aaron last year.

  2. Totally agree Topps should go old school and make cards today that people will write blogs about 25 years from now!!

  3. According to the checklist that I saw Prince Fielder is the first card in the 2010 set. Topps must be guessing that he’ll be a Yankee or Red Sox in two years.

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