Topps 206 Retail is LIVE! (error alert)

Finally found some retail 2009 Topps 206 at Target (H/T A Cardboard Problem, via Twitter), picked up three packs from two searched boxes. Nothing major from the packs, the standard amount of base cards, three thick gold border parallels and three minis, including a Polar Bear back, which are seeded 1:10 packs.

The Jimmie Foxx mini pictured to the right is a Piedmont (common) back and was the first mini I pulled. I LOVE minis of retired players. That is why I went gaga over 2008 Allen and Ginter — I adored the Baseball Icons set, which I am still working on, by the way. The only bad thing about this Foxx: He’s shown as a Philadelphia Athletic and not a Boston Red Sox.  Oh well.

The first thing I noticed about the card was that it was stained on the back. As it turns out, Topps added the staining on every card to give it an authentic tobacco feel. I thought someone really spit on it. (check out the shoddy video break here) Anyway, kind of a neat idea. I dig it.

The other two minis I pulled were of Josh Whitesell (Piedmont) and Trevor Cahill (Polar Bear). When I went to scan the cards, I realized that the Cahill was an error. First I noticed that they had Cahill listed as a D-Backs player, then seconds later I noticed it had the same card number (289)  as the Josh Whitesell, who actually does play for Arizona. Looks like Topps got the backs screwed up on these two cards. Kind of ironic that out of three packs I end up with these two. Anyway, has anyone else noticed this? I wonder if the error was corrected.

Cahill (Polar Back) is an error

Yes, Houston Collector, you can have this card. (it's the chunky parallel)

Aside from the minis, this product is rather ho-hum for me. The design (front) is exactly the same as the 2002(?) Topps 206 set, so that is somewhat disappointing. But I understand there’s not a lot of wiggle room when you’re re-creating a set like this. Not when you’re honoring the 100-year anniversary. I very much dislike the gold chunk parallel cards, although they are better than a blank deterrent card. And the card backs are rather ugly, in my opinion.

As far as the base cards I pulled, I’m happy to have ended up with two Red Sox cards. And  I enjoy the cards of Kenji Johjima (jailhouse pose) and Fausto Carmona (whose got his eyes closed). Find the cards of Chicago players Mike Fontenot and Alex Rios amusing (looks like the flames of Hell behind them). And The Jay Bruce is pretty solid, although I feel like I’ve seen this pose 52 times already. Go figure.

What I can’t figure out is why Topps decided to add “American League”  and “National League” on the back of some of the cards, yet left it off of others. Hmm.

4 Responses to “Topps 206 Retail is LIVE! (error alert)”

  1. Wow, I think that’s the exact same picture of Kenji Johjima as his Bowman Heritage rookie from 2006! Way to cut corners, topps!

  2. I am so glad that a customer of mine found this article and shot the link over to me. I thought I was looking at another sales stunt by Topps when I tried to enter my 2009 Topps 206 #174 Gordon Beckham RC into my site. Just by sheer chance I happened to turn the card over and see that is was actually a Koji Uehara RC on the front. I looked back at my spreadsheet to see that it said Beckham was #174 and the search was on. I quickly found that Uehara was up above as card #23, so I knew something wasn’t right. I checked Beckett to see if there was a “Wrong Back” Mini Piedmont and then I checked Ebay for anything relating to errors in the 206 mini set. Nothing from both.

    Big thanks to Nick B. directing me here. Now I know that I am not crazy and I am now almost sure that this was not intentional by Topps to get extra sales. I kinda feel that they have been planning something for each year since the 2006 Topps Alex Gordon “cut out” card stunt. Of course, then came the 2007 Jeter-Bush card, and so on. I was skeptical at first, but I am comforted by your posting here and it lets me know that, at least, 2 of these exist.

    I plan to put mine on Ebay eventually, since it won’t do me any good. My video on YouTube about the existence of this error card should build some kind of curiosity and may even generate some kind of interest in these cards in the future. These have got to be pretty hard to find. I will hold on to mine for now and see if we can get some awareness going about the existence of them.

  3. Lenn Totten Says:

    Hey I just got the mini-T206 you described above….Piedmont Mini, Uehara on Front, Back is 174 and says Chicago White Sox American League.
    All Checklists I have say 174 should be Beckham all the way. Have you got any other feedback since you posted in February confirming exactly what it is. If not, at least your card has a twin in NY.

  4. Frank V Says:

    I am working on a set of the minis and came across a couple “misnumbered” backs. I have two of the Cahill, both numbered 189 which should be the Whitesell. I also have a Christian Guzman numbered 290, which should be Cahill…. The Guzman should be 295.

    In regards to the Uehara, I have a piedmont mini that is numbered 23 (the correct #). However, this card is the SP VAR. Also, this Uehara sticks out like a sore thumb when stacked with the rest of the piedmonts because the cardstock is much lighter than regular piedmont minis almost white.

    The other piedmont mini SP VARs that I have also have this “white” cardstock, but then I have an Andrew McCutcheon regular piedmont that has this “white” cardstock… Not really sure what all this means, if any of them are errors, or what.

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