Free Topps Town Codes


OK, I’ve gotten enough inquiries about these damn 2009 Topps Town Code cards that I am just going to give away the codes and keep the cards. Want a code? Just leave a comment below. I’ll e-mail the code to you.  Two per e-mail address; I think I’ve got 50 or so, some GOLD ones, too.

5 Responses to “Free Topps Town Codes”

  1. hey thanks for the great posts, keep it up. I love reading them and checking out the pic’s. you never came back to my comment about TTM auto’s would you mind answering that question if you have time. my question was, “How do you go about attaining the proper address to mail the players a card to sign?” thanks agian! stay well

  2. I have gotten into the whole topps town thing. Do you have any football or wwe codes? I would be very thankfull for any codes I could get.

  3. can i get some foot ball cards maybe dallas cowboys if you can

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