Another 2009 Topps 206 error spotted: Honus Wagner

Just spotted this one, it’s probably an uncorrected error though: Check out the spelling on Pittsburgh on the Short Print version (left).

8 Responses to “Another 2009 Topps 206 error spotted: Honus Wagner”

  1. very cool find. Tell topps to work on using spell check.

  2. A very Impressive spot

  3. Maybe they meant Pittsburg Ca. lol

  4. New Reader Says:

    Apparently back then spelling Pittsburgh without the H was common. It was officially changed from Pittsburgh to Pittsburg and back to Pittsburgh several times by the United States Board of Geographic Names. There are various Pirates memorabilia with the same spelling.

    BTW – Your site is great and very enjoyable to read!

  5. John Bateman Says:

    Kudos, to the above. Pittsburg(h) was a common spelling until 1911. Honus Wagner 1909 card feathure the spelling without the h. The h was remove again in 1993 because the Pittsburg Pirates have been Hitless since then.

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