The Worst Jersey Card I’ve Ever Seen / Card Show Hauls Redux

So on Monday I went back to the card show at my local mall to do a more thorough search through the bargain bins. What I came across during my search was perhaps the WORST game-used jersey card I’ve ever seen. Look at this 2002 Pacific Private Stock gamer of Shannon Sharpe. Can you spot the swatch?

Having a hard time finding it? Yeah, I did too, that is why I bought the card. The swatch is located behind the Raven’s logo, which is like half the size of a dime. FAIL.

Anyhow, I also picked up some other cards from the bins. Not nearly as awesome as the cards I found the day before, but these worked out OK.

1970-1971 Topps No. 1 ($1)

I’ve said it before, I am not a hockey collector. But I have a soft spot for vintage cards, particularly ones of goalies. Plus, this is the first card in the set. Pretty cool card to own.

1951 Topps Red Back ($1)

I own a few 1951 Topps cards, I may do the set. This card certainly isn’t mint, and honestly, I don’t give a flying bleep.

2001 SP Game Used Bat insert ($1)

So, it’s not a real rookie, but it’s a rookie-year insert. Still a cool card to add to the pseudo Ichiro collection for a buck.

1994 SP Trot Nixon rookie; 2002 UD Prospect Premier Brian McCann XRC, Turkey Red reprint (all three for $1)

The card that prompted this purchase is the Arthur “Doc” Hofman Turkey Red reprint card. The card looks awesome in person. I figured it was a reprint since I figured all of the original Turkey Reds were cabinet size, but the card was cool enough that I had to own it for 33 cents. Along with it I purchased the Nixon rookie, which had eluded me for 15 years, and this McCann. I’ll add the McCann to my trade list/’bucket once I get that stuff all sorted out.

3 Responses to “The Worst Jersey Card I’ve Ever Seen / Card Show Hauls Redux”

  1. I’ve never even seen that Trot Nixon card. Funny how there are so many cards out there that remain new to me for years and years. I guess that’s part of the fun of the addiction!

  2. Play at the Plate Says:

    Vintage is awesome…regardless of condition.

  3. 1. Nice Cheevers.

    2. I agree about that Private Stock jersey. I had one long ago of someone playing for San Diego. The little lightning bolt logo was even smaller than that Ravens one. Talk about ridiculous.

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