Classic example of eye appeal meaning everything

So the other day while browsing eBay, I stumbled upon a 1954 Topps Ted Williams card I needed for my Red Sox Collection and Topps Number Ones collections. I always wanted this card, but because it is Ted Williams, because it is a 1954 Topps card and because it is the first card in the set, these Williams cards are usually a bit out of my price range. Enter the equalizer: the Poor grade.

One look at the back of this card and it is no wonder why this card was graded a 1 by PSA. But when you turn it over and look at the front,  you see why it is an awesome purchase for $45 delivered. This is a classic example of where eye appeal means everything. Sure it sucks the back is in such poor shape, but it makes almost no difference when the card is in my showcase and only the front is showing.

2 Responses to “Classic example of eye appeal meaning everything”

  1. Right on! That’s about the best looking PSA 1 I’ve ever seen as far as being able to display it. You know this card, I hardly even ever see it in pictures. Nice treasure you scored. Grats!

  2. nice score. i’m jealous

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