2009 Bowman Draft Baseball retail packs loaded?

So I tried to stay away from 2009 Bowman Draft as I’ve been bitten in the ass way too many times by draft products. But after hearing that the retail version of this product seemed to be loaded, how could I resist. PLUS, those pretty purple refractors caught my eye. Yes, I called a baseball card pretty. Sue me.

Anyway, so basically I go to Target yesterday and there is a single Bowman Draft rack pack sitting on the shelf. I bought it. In the single pack I pulled TWO autographs.

That then prompted me to buy a blaster, which did not yield an autograph but had FOUR pretty purple refractors. Yes, I said pretty again.

Did I get extremely lucky or are these packs really loaded?

As an aside, I am sick of seeing World Baseball Classic cards — also one of the reasons I stayed away from Bowman Draft — but I do not mind pulling cards of these two guys.

2 Responses to “2009 Bowman Draft Baseball retail packs loaded?”

  1. Well, you definitely got lucky, but they still seem to be loaded well above average degree.

    Everyone that complains about WBC cards should be required to send them to either me or Wicked Ortega, since we are apparently the only people who actually like them. đŸ˜›

  2. *to a well above average degree.

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