Finally, 2008 Ginter ‘Baseball Icons’ completed!

Jimmie was a sly Foxx.

I have finally obtained the final piece of this 17-card set, completing a task that I set out to conclude nearly 18 months ago. The set is by no means super scarce. The cards are readily attainable by going to eBay and plunking them one by one, or in lots, but my willingness to do so has waned over the months. I wanted not to spend another dime on Allen and Ginter products, rather to trade what I had for what I needed. In the end I sucked it up and spent the final $3.50 (included shipping) to purchase Mr. Jimme Foxx, the final card needed for the set.

So it is without further adieu I present the complete 2008 Topps Allen & Ginter’s “Baseball Icons” set.

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