HTA-Exclusive 2010 Topps Logoman Opening Day promotion cards are NOT patches

A few weeks ago, Topps released information about a promotion in which collectors could go to their local Home Team Advantage store on Opening Day — April 5 — and receive a free special Logoman card with their purchase of a 2010 Topps product. Well, it turns out that the Logoman cards being given away are not manufactured patch cards like the ones inserted into packs. They are cards with a picture of the MLB Logo patch.

I went to my local card shop on Wednesday and this came up as I was leaving. The dealer told me that he believed it was just a card and not a patch. So I sent a message to Topps via Twitter last night and this morning received confirmation that the cards are just cards, nothing more. (Note: It appears Topps has always said this, I failed to the initial release carefully.)

Still a cool promotion I think, but worth noting that there will be no actual Logoman patches given away on Opening Day, at least not through Topps’ HTA program. To get your special Logoman patch like the Babe Ruth shown above you’re going to have to find it the hard way — by opening packs or on eBay.

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