A very tempting trade offer on Topps Million Web site

More times than not, the trade offers tossed around on the Topps Million Giveaway Web site are a joke. But when someone offers vintage for vintage, you at least need to take a second to mull it over, unless of course they are offering you a scrub for your star.

This morning I logged in to see what kind of half-cocked ideas some of my fellow collectors came up with, and surprisingly they were not half bad. There seems to be a good amount of interest in my 1956 Topps Bob Friend, and today it appears that people were at least offering me cards of the same era. I got offered a common Red Sox pitcher from the same year, as well as two separate offers of common 1954 Topps cards.

While I appreciate the offers, I was inclined to decline them because Bob Friend was a pretty damn good pitcher. He was not a superstar, but he was pretty good. If for no other reason, at least I have heard of Bob Friend.

But one of the 1954 Topps commons really has me thinking about executing a trade. Why? Because of the cartoon on the back. Check out this Ray Murray.

Chances are I’ll hold onto my Friend, but eventually owning this particular card and this cartoon is pretty classic. I could buy a ’56 Friend at my LCS for $2. A Murray — assuming they have one — would cost me more because it is an earlier release. Hmm.

2 Responses to “A very tempting trade offer on Topps Million Web site”

  1. That cartoon is great. I’d be tempted just based on that alone.

  2. The cartoon and the card design on the Murray are great, but Bob Friend still wins. Friend had over 400 lifetime decisions. That’s a pretty impressive amount of games to factor in!

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