Dear Topps: Where is my Manny Pacquiao card?

A quick plea to the powers that be at Topps. Where the hell is my Manny Pacquiao card? I don’t think you fully understand the following that this boxing champion has; therefore I don’t think you understand the amount of business you’re missing here. By simply adding a card of Pacquiao in any one of your releases you will have gained lots of business. You thought including Michael Phelps brought a boon to your business last year, Topps? Try adding this guy to Allen & Ginter, we know there are slots that have yet to be determined, at least that’s what your checklists say. You’ve already made cards of a horse, a snowborder, a fisherman and even a magician. Hell, you’ve created a card of a fictitious character based on his invisibility. So I beg you, please make one of Pacquiao — it makes sense.

One Response to “Dear Topps: Where is my Manny Pacquiao card?”

  1. This is the smartest idea I’ve heard all day…

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