Being unorganized leads to two cool autograph finds

I suppose this post will say a lot about my collection. In a dream world, I would have every card in order, separated by year, set and card number; or by player and year. But, I don’t live in a dream world. My reality is a bit of a mess. I have stacks of cards near my computer, boxes of cards in the garage, and packs in my car. And if you look really hard you’ll find a single or two in odd places, like behind a picture frame in the living room. I’m sure my wife loves this. Actually she hates it.

But the messiness has paid off, sort of. While sifting through my stuff I came across two autograph cards I either forgot I had or didn’t even know I owned. The cards being a 2006 Topps 52 Rookies Kendry Morales and a 2007 Bowman Heritage Scott Sizemore.

I remember getting the Morales from a repack package sold at Target for $10, the ones where you get two packs and a guaranteed autograph. Morales was my signature, and the packs (two 2006 Topps Update and Highlights) held a rare, but not really valuable, Rookie Debut signature of Adam Loewen. I recently sold the Loewen for $10 despite the astronomical odds (1:15,000-plus packs) at which it was inserted.

And the Sizemore I believe came in a lot of 10 Bowman Heritage signatures I paid $10 for about two years ago. All of the signatures were commons at the time, but looking back the lot contains the pictured Scott Sizemore — which has gained momentum recently with his prospect of being the Tigers starting second baseman; selling for $15-plus — and Pirates pseudo slugger Steven Pearce.

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