Topps Million Trade No. 3

I’ve been getting a lot of interest in my vintage cards on Topps Million, and for good reason. I mean when anyone redeems a code on the Web site, they hope they see something made before 1980.

On Wednesday, I got an offer for one my present-day star cards, a 2005 Joe Mauer. I received the Mauer in a deal straight up for a 2005 Ken Griffey Jr. a few weeks ago. I obtained the Mauer because I was building a lot of Twins cards that I was hoping to trade to some Twins fan. But when I logged into Topps Million on Wednesday, I was confronted with an offer of two semi-vintage cards, a 1968 Dick Green and 1973 Dave Clark, and a 1986 Topps Eddie Milner. I pondered the trade, initially was going to reject it, and then thought about it some more. In the end I wound up accepting the deal because I love old cards, and I already own a physical copy of the Joe Mauer. When I go to have cards shipped to me, I would rather pay to have vintage commons sent to me than a fairly current Joe Mauer, especially considering I already own a copy of it.

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