The Great Purge of 2010 (Part IV)

Tonight was pretty tough. After enjoying a Friday evening full of auction watching and seeing the total for which I had sold pieces of my collection, I had the task Sunday of boxing up some items and writing someone else’s name on the box. It was the first time in this Purge process that I really got sad about my actions. Sure, I’d felt some odd feelings about preparing the items for sale. But there was just something about knowing that as I placed these items in the Flat Rate Shipping box, this was the last time that I’d be looking at these cards. I knew this process wouldn’t be easy.

But I know this feeling is only temporary. While thousands of cards will be sold and shipped over the next few weeks, there are thousands more that mean something to me that I will have the pleasure of sorting and writing about in the future. It’ll be a streamlined collection, that’s for sure. But a collection well-organized and cataloged is something I’ve long desired.

See Parts One, Two, Three. Stay Tuned for Part Five of “The Great Purge of 2010.”

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