Topps National Chicle Baseball Retail is Live

I stopped at Target this weekend to get some painters tape and noticed that they had one box of Topps National Chicle. Based on this image you can guess someone already went through it in search of game used and autos.

I bought one pack even though it goes against everything I am doing right now. One pack was better than two or more, sue me. Pack results were OK. Even though I am a Red Sox fan, I do not hate Derek Jeter, so pulling his card from one pack is nice. And the Mathewson was also a nice surprise.

And in case you’re interested, here are the odds posted on the wrapper.

Glad I only bought one pack. I can tell this is going to be a “love it, hate it” type of set. The art work is so-so, really depends on the artist and the player they are trying to depict. The card stock actually reminds of me another hit-and-miss product — Upper Deck Goudey. I was not a huge fan of that set, although I purchased plenty of it when it hit discount levels. Why, I am really not sure. That’s going to have to change.

Anyway, if anyone has any Red Sox from this set, I am interested.

2 Responses to “Topps National Chicle Baseball Retail is Live”

  1. chrisolds Says:

    Group A autos 1:30… not bad for retail peeps.

  2. Wonder whose in Group A? Carlos Gomez? Ryan Church?

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