A frustrating TTM success — Terry Francona

I don’t think Tito likes me.

For the second time in three years, I sent a through the mail request to Terry Francona asking for his autograph. As a big Red Sox fan, it is only natural that I try to obtain the autograph of the skipper who has lead my favorite team to a pair of World Series titles in the last six years.

The first time I sent him a 2006 Allen & Ginter card that featured him in a Red Sox jacket. A few months later I received an envelope back with TWO autographs … but neither of them were the card I sent. These cards showed him as members of the Cincinatti Reds and Montreal Expos.

I was slightly disappointed, but happy to have even received his signature. So I proudly displayed the Reds card along with my Sox collection because the color scheme was somewhat close.

Fastforward to this Spring Training. I again decided to try Francona, this time sending him a new 2010 Bowman Heritage manager card showing him in BoSox gear. On Friday I was thrilled to see that an envelope had arrived from Yawkey Way bearing the name Francona.

But as I went to open it, I noticed that the envelope seemed a little flimsy. I knew at that moment that I had not received the card I sent. Instead I got this 1989 Topps card featuring him as an Indian.

I now have three Francona autos on cards showing him in three different uniforms. And all I really want is one showing him as a Boston Red Sox. Gah!

For the record, I am sure the cards just got mixed up when Terry was in the middle of his signing sessions. He doesn’t really hate me. Maybe I shall just try again.

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