A “rare” Bryce Harper JUCO card has arrived

I may have hit the jackpot.
When Beckett Baseball Editor Chris Olds’ posted via Twitter, and eventually on the Beckett Blog, that a company was making cards in “limited quantities” of Junior College World Series teams, including that of No. 1 Draft Pick Bryce Harper, I went to the website and ordered three complete sets of Harper’s team.
And when the cards arrived about a week and a half later, I noticed something very cool — one of the sets actually had Bryce Harper on top of the sealed set.
Judging from the comments from others who have purchased the set, this is not a common occurence. The other two sets I received appear to have the same ordering as they feature the same players on top (Wes Hunt) and bottom (Gabe Weidenaar); typically Harper is somewhere in the middle.
The set with Harper on top, however, has a different player (Matt Medina) on the bottom as well.
While it’s possible that there could be more than one Harper within this sealed set, it’s probably more likely that the set was just re-ordered during packaging. Nonetheless, I’m not about to crack the seal to find out.
I’m checking to see if there is a company that can authenticate and slab this badboy for me. Either way, the set will look awesome with my 1987 Fleer Cello pack (authenticated and slabbed) with Barry Bonds rookie showing.
Has anyone else seen one of these JUCO sets with Harper showing on top?

2 Responses to “A “rare” Bryce Harper JUCO card has arrived”

  1. I just ordered the Harper singles. I got two of them.

  2. David Jones Says:

    I live in grand junction and worked at juco
    in the first printing before Harper was ejected from juco and the first printing sold out.Harpers card was on top–on the day after he was ejected there was a second printing and wes hunt was placed on top. Besides the placement in the deck there is no way of telling the first or second printing.

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