I’ve turned into one of “those” guys

For as long as I can remember, I always found it ridiculous that a grown man didn’t know about the current happenings in sports. That’s probably because I was jaded in my teen years by watching endless loops of SportsCenter instead of doing what other normal teens do. But here I am at age 30 finding myself to be the type of person I didn’t understand.

Last week while digging through vintage bargain bins at my local card shop, I heard them discuss doubling — yes, DOUBLE — the price of a box of Upper Deck basketball cards because it offered a chance at a Kevin Durant rookie card. When I heard this, I chuckled because I had no clue that Durant had turned into such a big ticket. Granted the boxes were on close out for $45 — now $90 — but I’ve almost never heard of a box price doubling so many years after release. So it came as a surprise to me that I was totally oblivious to the fact that Durant was a huge hobby star last year. I suppose this is also akin to someone not knowing who Stephen Strasburg was. OK, maybe not THAT big, but close enough.

I collect baseball almost exclusively, and now with the advent of the MLB Network, I — thankfully — am no longer a slave to ESPN. I don’t have to sit through crappy semi-comedic routines and dumb catch phrases to get my baseball news. Now I can skip all the stuff I do not care about and get to the point: What happened in baseball.

Of course this has its draw backs as I am almost unaware of the happenings in the rest of sports, which could lead to me moving a card — or missing out on one — that had increased over the years. So it came as a pleasant surprise Wednesday when I uncovered the above pictured 2008 UD Goudey Kevin Durant “Sports Royalty” short print. It may not command anywhere near the demand that  Durant rookie might have, but I might be able to move this card more easily now for something I want or need for my collection.

One Response to “I’ve turned into one of “those” guys”

  1. Wait until you get to my age: you’ll wear “being clueless about other sports” as a badge of honor.

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