Playing the “What If” game with Allen & Ginter and Stephen Strasburg

By now you’re aware that the primary draws to 2010 Topps Allen & Ginter is indeed one of the two Stephen Strasburg cards. Obviously his autograph is THE pull right now as it is fetching in the neighborhood of $3,000. Crazy, I know. But Strasburg’s mini card is also what is drawing collectors to the product; they fetch $350+. As of the writing of this post, there were some 22 available on eBay and maybe another 20 or so that had already ended. And assuming that there are others that have been pulled and are being kept by collectors, it’s safe to say there are somewhere about 50 that have seen the light of day.

Now what’s interesting of course is that Topps says the Strasburg mini is not shortprinted. This begs the question: Then where the hell are they?

The question has been asked hundreds of times in recent weeks and no one has the answer. But they have to be out there somewhere, right? Cases upon cases of hobby product have been ripped and in the majority of instances, they have coughed up zero Strasburg cards. And with the product now live in retail stores, an even larger portion of the collecting market is busting this product like crazy looking for the Strasburgs. And of course they aren’t appearing here either.

But WHAT IF the collation of this product is so bad that there are blaster boxes of this product chock-full of Strasburg minis? Sounds crazy, right? But crazier things have happened with Topps and its retail-distributed products. Remember the guy who busted a 2009 Topps Heritage blaster and pulled 51 of the super short prints.

I badly want to stay away from this stuff, but the thought of what might be in those unopened blasters keeps drawing me closer to buying one every time I see them.

2 Responses to “Playing the “What If” game with Allen & Ginter and Stephen Strasburg”

  1. Play at the Plate Says:

    Three blasters…no Strasburgs.

  2. If dayf did the math correctly, you get one plain A&G mini every 8 retail packs. So you should have one chance to pull Mr. Strasburg’s card per blaster – since there are 300 other regular A&G minis you could get instead… well, those are not great odds.

    I’m not sure how bad the odds are in hobby, but the regular Allen & Ginter minis are clearly not as easy to find as people think.

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