Thrift Treasures XXV: The Comeback Edition

Finally …. Thrift Treasures HAS come back … to Cardboard Icons.

It’s been a few months since I’ve unearthed some cardboard gems from my local thrift stores. And that’s not to say I haven’t been searching with a fine-toothed comb. The cards are just becoming scant … well, I should say cards that interest me are becoming scant. There has been plenty of early 90s ProSet football and Hoops Basketball showing up.

I digress. My “Honey Hole” for cardboard goodness received some cards earlier this week and was selling them 20 for a $1. I found the best 20 cards that money could buy. Here are the goods:

At first glance, it looked like there was a bunch of 2006 Bowman commons in the tin, and that wouldn’t be such a bad thing if there were more than just a few prospects sprinkled within. But when it came down to make the final tally, I went ahead and bought the only two Bowman Chrome prospects that were in the box, Aaron Hathaway (Mets) and Mike Rozier(Red Sox).

The Rozier card is one that I needed for my on-again, off-again team collection. But it also was one of seven total Red Sox cards that I didn’t own. As much as I want to stop my team collection — I’ll explain later — it’s hard to turn them down when they are sitting in front of my face for a relatively cheap price.

Now that I’ve bored you you to death with Red Sox chatter, I present this semi-interesting 2009 Goodwin card of Chris Johnson, running back for the Titans. I don’t collect football and because of that, I was slightly convinced that this card MIGHT be his rookie. Obviously I was wrong. You can all laugh at me now. Nonetheless, it’s a good-looking card that I’ll add to some pile somewhere that eventually will be sold, traded or given away.

Want to talk about randomness? Look at these next three cards:

2008 Triple Threads Grady Sizemore, a common card from a high-end product
2008 Donruss Threads Baseball Diamond Kings insert of some prospect named Trystan Magnuson
2003 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Red game-used jersey card of Josh Phelps, serial numbered to 250

I tend to dislike Goudey a lot. But this card caught my eye because it’s a green mini version of a Sports Royalty card. Funny note, I received the blue jersey of this same mini card earlier this week in the mail. Anyone interested in them?

Love ’em or hate ’em, I can’t pass on a small lot of Upper Deck Anniversary cards at a nickel each. I know a VOTC is working on this set. Hope he can use them.

And finally a pair of 2009 Topps Heritage Update Chrome parallels.

Can’t say that was the BEST trip to the thrift shop, but it’s mightly tough to beat that haul for just a buck.

To see the other parts of this on-going series, click HERE.

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