On the verge of yet another purge

Just a few months ago, I underwent the task of scaling back a huge portion of my collection because we were moving to a smaller place. On this Thursday morning I find myself again looking at more cut-backs.

It’s been fun calling myself a collector of many things, but I think it’s time to move on. There’s simply too much clutter to deal with. And with a second kid on the way — he’ll be here in eight weeks! — I’m no going to have time concentrating on too much more in this hobby.

I still love my Red Sox, but I do not need to have every Jerry Remy card ever made. Same goes for the Roger Clemens collection. And sets were never really MY thing. Hell, sometimes those facets of my collection often feel like a second or third job because of all the maintenance.

When it comes down to it, there is ONE thing in his hobby that really make my heart skip a beat (excuse me for being all poetic and shit today) and that is rookie cards, particularly vintage.

Anyway, if you’re a collector interested in Red Sox, Roger Clemens or sets, keep an eye on the eBay tab on the right. I’ll have a collection of 2,000 Red Sox cards (vintage to current), some 1,500 different Roger Clemens and dozens of sets (partial and full) that will be posted in the next month.

And before you ask — I’m not looking to trade anything right now. Gotta get things under control again before I can even go that route.

One Response to “On the verge of yet another purge”

  1. I’ll be watching…

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