Are Goodwin Champion minis underrated?

So the other day I completed a small trade for some minis from Topps Allen & Ginter, as well as UD Goodwin Champions. Among them were two black border parallels — a 2009 Allen & Ginter Albert Pujols and a 2009 Goodwin Joe Mauer. These two cards reminded me of a thought I had late last year — are Goodwin minis underrated?

Allen & Ginter gets a lot of love because people dig A&G with a passion. But what about Goodwin? Sure, it has been treated as an A&G knockoff, but truth is UD’s Goodwin line is a rendition of an old tobacco brand, just like Topps’ A&G.

The thing I like about the Goodwin cards is that there is a sense of realism about them. Aside from the cloudy background, UD used actual pictures on their cards, where as Topps’ ran the images through a filter on some photo editing software to get this artistic feel.

I suppose it’s a matter of taste; there really is no wrong answer as to which is better because they both are good-looking cards. I just think that Goodwin may not have gotten the credit it was due. Afterall, UD’s brand was cheaper and did have minis of Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Alex Ovechkin and Smarty Jones last year — all of which look pretty damn cool if you ask me.

2 Responses to “Are Goodwin Champion minis underrated?”

  1. I would say that if you had to compare the two, Goodwin minis win on the quality factor, while Ginter wins on the variety factor.

    I really fell for Goodwin when it came out. Some of the cards were just jaw dropping, and the on-card autos of reasonably known athletes as well lots of mini parallels made the set fun to rip.

    I rememeber the awesome backlash on the product when it came out. Bad word-of-mouth. The best I can figure is that so many people were drinking the Ginter Kool-Aid that having a similar style Upper Deck product has people screaming “rip-off” and proceeding to find any little thing to tear the product apart. The negativity snowballed and the product never recovered.

  2. I think all of the minis are over-rated, but that’s just my irrational dislike of odd-sized cards talking. 😉

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