Trading vintage for modern on Topps MCG

Let me preface this by saying that I usually would not condone swapping a vintage card for a few modern ones through the Topps Million Card Giveaway site. But what was thrown at me on Tuesday afternoon was a deal I could not refuse.

In exchange for my 1969 Topps Tom Egan (a common), someone offered me seven cards: five from 1982, one from 1984 and one from 2000. Conventional wisdom would have made me click the “decline” button instantly. But the stuff that was thrown at me for this common from 1969 was enough to make me hit “Accept.”

The Egan card is a common from a year that was not so rare, especially given that I have access to all sorts of cards from that era at my local shop. Clearly the person who wanted it had some attachment to it. And honestly, that was the entire point of this giveaway/buy back program. I’m glad I helped someone fulfill their want.

For me, Egan was just another card in the stash, something that might lead to something better down the road. For me, that opportunity presented itself in these cards:

1982 Topps In Action Carlton Fisk.

What an amazing card. The photography alone sold me on this deal. Fisk was a beast behind the plate — and I only got to see him play for the last five years of his career. I imagine if I were a few years younger that Fisk might have been one of my favorite players of all time. I have a soft spot for catchers, not unlike hockey fans who adore goaltenders.

1982 Topps Relievers —  Bruce Sutter/ Rollie Fingers

When I traded my 1987 Topps Bert Blyleven away, I was slightly saddened because I was parting ways with a digital copy of his awesome mustache. I can honestly say that the facial hair presented here is 10 times better. Sutter’s  monster beard and Rollie’s waxed mustache are awesome on their own, and when presented together, it creates an epic card.

1982 Topps Goose Gossage

This card is just appealing to me. 1982 Topps is totally underrated in terms of design. Love the All-Star design. Only bad thing, is Goose is not sporting his mustache, would have been great considering the previous card.

1982 Topps Joe Niekro

Not the Hall of Fame Niekro, but a Niekro nonetheless. This card screams 80s to me: Astros “rainbow” uniform, quaffed hair, sweet 80s Topps card design.

1982 Topps Harold Baines

Second-year card of a really good designated hitter who is a borderline Hall of Fame candidate. Did you know he was about one year away from collecting his 3,000th hit when he retired in 2001? I didn’t realize he was only 134 shy of that historic mark. Oh, and Baines’ beard was awesome, too.

1984 Topps RBI Leaders f/ Reggie Jackson

C’mon, it’s Reggie Jackson. Definitely not one of his older cards, but this 1984 Topps card is cool nonetheless. Entering 1984, Jackson had 1,435 RBIs. He ended his career with 1,702, which has him 23rd on the All-Time list. Interesting note: Of his 21 seasons in the Big Leagues, Jackson only drove in 100 runs or more in a single season six times.

2000 Topps Fred McGriff

Definitely the throw away card of the bunch, but it is Fred McGriff and not Jeff Reboulet. Did you know that McGriff was drafted and signed by the New York Yankees in 1981? Cool factoid.

2 Responses to “Trading vintage for modern on Topps MCG”

  1. Well, he found the right person. I would’ve hit “decline” — I have all those cards 🙂

  2. Play at the Plate Says:

    That just goes to show you…if you offer enough, you can get what you want. As long as you’re happy with the deal, then it works for both of you.

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