I’ll never learn: Rockies players are not good TTM signers

When I send out Through The Mail autographs there is always something I keep forgetting — never send to a Colorado Rockies player.

It’s tough to remember this because there always seems to be some intriguing player whose autograph I’d love to add to my collection.

A few years ago I sent letters to Garrett Atkins, Matt Holiday and even then-manager Clint Hurdle. I never heard back from Holiday, but I did receive my cards back from Atkins and Hurdle with a little purple note suggesting that I join their charitable cause. The note also asked me to accept their pre-printed signature in lieu of an authentic one.

When am I going to learn? Earlier this week I received a familiar note from one Todd Helton to whom I either sent to in 2009 or earlier this year. I forget. Same thing … no autograph, some team-issued card and a pre-printed note.

But I do have other requests I sent to them that I still have not received back, namely hot up-and-comer Carlos Gonzalez.

So let this serve as a reminder to all of you the next time you sit down to prepare for TTMs … stay away from Rockies players. Unless, of course, you want the standard letter and team-issued card.

For the record, this Todd Helton is a 2006 Grandstand issue … it shows him WITHOUT his goatee. Awesome. I do appreciate the team-issued cards. They are pretty neat.

One Response to “I’ll never learn: Rockies players are not good TTM signers”

  1. I was under the impression that most of the Rockies’ stars did sign actual autographs if you made a donation to the team charity.

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