Don’t count your chickens before they hatch

Last week, I found what I thought was a pretty good deal on eBay. Two lots of cards that included a half-dozen autos, three Ken Griffey Jr rookies and a few dozen inserts and stars all for about $6.50 shipped. I was elated.

Then came Monday when this arrived in my mail box.

The envelope was sitting just like that inside the LOCKED mailbox. After going through the package, it’s evident that half of the cards are missing — including the autographs.

Not a whole lot I can do here. It’s not the seller’s fault — after all, USPS charged him $8 to send the package; he only got 6.50 from me. And the package is not ensured,  so I’m pretty much SOL from a postal standpoint. Thankfully the cards weren’t worth that much.

One Response to “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch”

  1. Open a case with the postal inspector. You can find it on google. While you may not get your stuff back, a pervasive enough pattern WILL investigated and hopefully spare you (or someone else) from experiencing this in the future.

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