Bowman Chrome and Elite Extra break w/ “Terrific” hit

After attending Wednesday’s San Francisco Giants parade, I decided to stop by my local card shop for a few Bowman Chrome packs. What I walked out with was four of those and a pair of Donruss Elite Extra Edition packs. Figured I was having such a good day, maybe the vibe would carry over … and it did.

Out of the two Elite packs, I pulled this sweet “Terrific” Tom Seaver Private Signings ball leather card serial numbered to 10 copies. In a different time, I would keep the card for my collection, but I think I’ll toss it on eBay and put the proceeds toward a few vintage rookies for my collection.

2010 Edlite Extra Edition Private Signings Tom Seaver /10

The base cards were base cards. I pulled nine prospects for my rookie/prospect collection and a Pam Anderson card, which is a nice bonus I suppose. For a long time I was opposed to this product, but I actually kind of like it. This might not be the end of my Elite breaks. Or maybe I’ll just buy a base set.

2010 Donruss Elite Extra Edition pack 1 (missing is the Seaver shown above)

Elite Extra Edition pk 2


Like most hobby shops, the Bowman Chrome was slightly overpriced. At $4.95 each pack, I figured I try a few and get the hell out. I didn’t pull a Strasburg auto, but managed to snag a prospect auto of 17-year-old Miguel Sano, who is the fourth best autograph available in the product, according to Freedom Card Board. With resale value anywhere from $25-$60, I think I might toss it on eBay too to see if I can flip it into another long-sought-after vintage rookie. Perhaps a Willie McCovey or Willie Stargell, or both, depending on the end price. The card is mint … my scanner just scanned it really dark and messy.

2010 Bowman Chrome Prospects Auto Miguel Sano

I won’t waste your time with scanning the basic Bowman Chrome veteran cards, even if though there is a Luke Hochevar refractor. But here are the Chrome prospects. As you can see I also pulled a USA card of A.J. Vanegas.

2010 Bowman Chrome

Bowman Chrome is Bowman Chrome, but I do take issue with two of these cards. First off A.J. Vanegas had a Bowman Chrome card in the basic Bowman Set. He was part of the USA Under 18 set. Not entirely sure why they decided to make yet another one here. At least they used a different picture. Point should be made though that the new Vanegas card is NOT his ‘First Bowman Chrome Card” as the logo suggests.

Which of course brings me to the second card I have an issue with: Craig Clark. He, too, had a card in basic Bowman. Hell, they even used the same picture. (see below) The cards from the two series are IDENTICAL except for the actual card number and a white border on the new card. The first one is card No. BCP27. The one from the newly released Bowman Chrome is BCP111. It also should be noted that Craig Clark has a signed version in the first series. Not sure if there is another in the new release.

Top row is new, bottom is old

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