The worst looking prospect autograph of 2010?

With each year, we see a new batch of prospect autographs hit the market. Some signatures look fluid and polished, almost as if the player had been practicing their pen strokes for years. And then we get those autographs that aren’t exactly signatures. Such is the case with this 2010 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Ronald Torreyes. For whatever reason, it seems that some players from outside the United States decide to sign their stickers using basic printing. For the record, Torreyes is from Venezuela.

This is not a knock on international players or their penmanship. One of my favorite autographs is the 1995 Classic 5-Sport Vladimir Guerrero.

These signatures may not have the same artsy look that others have, but their lack of creativity actually gives some of these cards character. If that makes any sense …

3 Responses to “The worst looking prospect autograph of 2010?”

  1. I think it’s great – you can actually read his name. I’d prefer it to the illegible scribble most younger players use.

  2. By far NOT the worst I have ever seen. I can read it.

  3. Many of the younger international players are taught reading and writing at the baseball academies since they have had no other education available to them (I remember Felix Pie’s autograph was just a couple of letters originally). I think that has something to do with some of the less articulated autos. -Andy

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