Oh, Thank Heaven! Tim Tebow treasures found at 7-Eleven

If you ever felt the need to go grab a Slurpee, cup of coffee, doughnut or whatever, go to 7-Eleven right now. While you’re there, take a peek around the register to see if they have any McFarlane toys. You just might unearth a gem or two.

Such was the case Saturday when i stopped at one of a dozen or so 7-Elevens in my area. I walked it for some coffee and wound up finding a pair of Tim Tebow Bronze Level McFarlane variants (orange jersey), both serial numbered to 2,500.

Try finding these on the shelf of any toy store. I dare you. Even if you’re there at the crack of dawn like the toy collectors and resellers who are willing to trample old ladies and children, you likely will not find these.

So imagine the joy I felt when I saw these two mixed in with a few other sports collectibles on an end cap near the register of a freakin’ 7-Eleven. A word of warning though: 7-Eleven does jack up the price on all McFarlanes. They run $19.99 there, and somewhere around $12 at most other stores.

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