Check Out My Cards, Yo!

I realize I’m a bit behind on this card trend,but I am loving the idea of   Initially I thought this was just another site offering incomplete and mediocre services to collectors while needling them for nickels and dimes here and there.  But the more I thought about it and discussed it with other collectors, the more intriguing it has become.

This is the future of our hobby.

What they’ve done is create a digital market for our physical sports cards.  Sure, eBay sort of offered the same thing, but not like this.  For a fee, the company scans and stores your cards, and then manages the inventory.  It’s pretty genius if you ask me.

For years I’ve been wanting my collection organized in a fashion that I could sort through them simply by clicking the buttons on my mouse.  And to make matters better, once the cards have been uploaded to the site, they are readily available to other collectors for cash transactions.  No more of me spending hours upon hours scanning and making lists.  For a minimal fee, they’re doing it all for me.

And lastly, they’re kind of making Beckett relevant again.  Love ’em or hate ’em, Beckett has been a integral part of the hobby, primarily for the price guide.  The site integrates the Beckett Price Guide, which I think is another genius idea.  Does the value shown really mean anything?  Not really, but it incorporates the idea of the price guide, which can’t hurt because the seller and buyers are the ones really creating the value of the card.

Anyway, the first 200 cards I submitted to the site are now live.  You can check them out my clicking the logo at the top of this post, or by clicking here. Another 500 cards should be up by the third week of February.

3 Responses to “Check Out My Cards, Yo!”

  1. As a buyer, I’ve started picking off singles recently with the site. It is a great way to fill sets that are generally too cheap to find on eBay because of listing fees. However, paying $10 in shipping and seeing a whopping $2 worth on the envelope is excessive and prevents me from using the site even more.

  2. If you are looking to fill sets or are buying several low priced cards it gets expensive fast on COMC when they charge you at least $.15 per card as a packaging fee. I do much better on Sportsbuy when I buy from a dealer that has a lot to choose from and offers free shipping when you buy a certain amount. I just bought over 500 singles from a dealer on Sportsbuy with no shipping charges, on COMC that would have cost me at least $75 for a packaging fee. No thanks.

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