Trying Gypsy Queen retail …

For the the better part of the last two weeks, I’ve been hearing about the new Topps Gypsy Queen.  About how it’s another retro-brand release, about how the product seemingly has been printed in shorter numbers than anticipated, and blah … blah … blah.  In a nutshell, it’s translated into a pricey niche brand that really hasn’t caught my collecting eye.

Nonetheless, I did want to buy a pack of two.  But I opted to stay away from the hobby version since prices were through the roof. Luckily, the product arrived at Target this week.

I had many options, lose (already searched) packs, blasters (with an extra pack) or a “Value Pack” containing three packs and a special bonus pack of parallels.

I love me some exclusive bonuses!

Here’s the result.  Perhaps my Target computer-generated coupon was foreshadowing …

Pack 1

It’s always nice to open your first pack of  a product and be greeted with a card of the best player in the game. Too bad the card looks like someone was snacking on the edge …

Wall Climbers insert of Mike Stanton. Meh.

Mini Gerardo Parra

and three commons

Pack 2

Roger Maris … pretty sure this image has been used 9,674 times.

Future Stars Trevor Cahill insert

Mini Ty Wiggington

and three commons

Pack 3

A nice surprise … Sandy Koufax

Home Run Heroes Mark Teixeira insert

A Jimmy Page Gypsy Queen back mini parallel of Xavier Nady

three commons (Yes, ANOTHER James Shields)

Bonus Pack

Gary Carter

Ryne Sandberg

Christy Mathewson

Review:  I really like the bonus pack green border parallels.  If every card in the set looked and felt like these, I’d be all over this product.  Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) they don’t, so my opinion about this product … Remains The Same.

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