Fear This Beard: Brian Wilson appears in unannounced “Flocculence” Ginter set

Topps Allen & Ginter is here.  Breaking News, right? The set certainly packs a punch with one of the highlights being any of the Manny Pacquiao cards.  But while everyone is hunting for Pacquiao — and now George Bush, as Topps announced earlier this week that they added the President to their set — another unannounced insert set has sprouted:  Fabulous Face Flocculence.

The set touts some of the greatest styles of facial hair.  And sure to be a hit is this Brian Wilson card dubbed “The Closer.”  I pulled this card from a few packs of Ginter earlier this week at my local hobby shop.  Pretty neat addition to the Ginter product, a card which will certainly pick up interest as more people become aware of its existence.  It is the only card to my knowledge that actually highlights Wilson’s growth.

The Wilson card itself appears to be a super short print in a insert set that appears to have one card fall in each case.  Good luck finding one.  I’m sure it’s tougher than finding a needle in a  haystack … or perhaps in Wilson’s beard.

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