Did Topps make the original gimmick card … in 1988?

Errors used to be all the rage, and there certainly was no shortage of them in 1988 Topps.  There were the two versions of the Al Leiter rookie card, one of which didn’t even picture him.  You had the Keith Comstock error, which featured the wrong color in the team name, and then there was the Eddie Murray Record Breaker’s error which featured a text box over the front of the card.  But what about the Mark McGwire?

If you collected in the 80s and 90s, you know about this card because it was referred to as the “white triangle” error.  Check out the picture I have here.  See that white triangle under his left cleat?

Well look at it closer.  There’s also a bow on the cleat, too.  Now pull back a few inches from the computer screen and put it all together.  What do you have?  It’s a freakin’ high-heel shoe!

What’s debatable here is if that is really a bow or just the way McGwire tied his shoelaces. (Sometimes shoelaces can be fed through the toungue of a shoe, which in some instances could create this bow looking effect.  What’s interesting is that his right cleat does not look that way.

Now, what is not debatable is the fact that this is a manufactured error card.  There is no way this was accidental.

One Response to “Did Topps make the original gimmick card … in 1988?”

  1. My ’88 set (hand-collated) includes both Leiters and both checklists (Carlton / Hillegas), but only one Murray RB and one Comstock (having considered the latter two variations uninteresting). I wasn’t even aware of the McGwire RB variation. I just looked at 14 images on “checkoutmycards.com” and three contain the triangle. I’ll have to look at my own tonight. Makes no sense to me, but I put nothing past Topps when it comes to stupid crap like that.

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