One Response to “Topps just does not like Pedro Alvarez”

  1. Pedro Alvarez was not a rookie in 2011 under MLB qualifications since he had more than 130 at bats in 2010, hence his 2011 cards cannot be labeled with “RC”. THis rule is also the reason why some players have cards that are labeled “RC” in both 2010 and 2011 sets (i.e Aroldis Chapman), as they did not hit the games played/at bat limits in 2010 and were still considered rookies in 2011. This rule is in place to determine who is eligible for the ROokie of the year award for any given season.

    That’s why Pedro Alvarez’s true 2011 Bowman Chrome RC (in hobby terms) is a red veteran base card. Alvarez DID have one MLB issue card in 2010: his Etopps card, which can be considered an XRC I suppose.

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