Topps Diamond Giveaway Haul #2

This is the second batch I received from the Topps Diamond Giveaway.  As you can see, it’s more of the same — rookie cards — but some names you might find familiar … or maybe not.

As mentioned before, I have at least one more batch coming.  And yes, I will be taking delivery of some Diamond Die Cuts.

1957 Topps Juan Pizarro rookie card

1969 Topps Jeff James

1973 Topps Dave Hamilton rookie card

1973 Topps Tom Walker rookie card

1973 Topps Glenn Borgmann rookie card

1974 Topps Larry Lintz

1974 Topps Tim Johnson

1974 Topps Jerry Hairston rookie card

1975 Topps Benny Ayala / Nyls Nyman / Tommy Smith / Jerry Turner rookie card

1975 Topps Bruce Ellingsen rookie card

1976 Topps Stan Perzanowski rookie card

1976 Topps Dan Osborn rookie card

1977 Topps Jim Essian rookie card

1977 Topps Chip Lang rookie card

1979 Topps Willie Upshaw rookie card

1979 Topps Jim Morrison / Lonnie Smith / Jim Wright rookie card

1980 Topps Joe Beckwith / Mickey Hatcher / Dave Patterson rookie card

1980 Topps Ron Hassey rookie card

1980 Topps Jerry Narron rookie card

1980 Topps Jeffrey Leonard rookie card

1982 Topps Jesse Barfield / Boomer Wells rookie card

1983 Topps Eric Show rookie card

1983 Topps Luis Aponte rookie card

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