Card of the Day: 1951 Bowman Bill Dickey

1951 Bowman Bill Dickey #290

This is one of those cards that just spoke to me. It yelled, grabbing my attention when I was looking for something youthful and shiny to buy.

It said, “Hey, Dummy, why are you going to drop that $10 bill on that unproven youngster when you can have the real deal right here.”

And I listened.

Dickey is a Hall of Famer.

Dickey is a Yankee.

Dickey is Animated.

Dickey had to be Mine.

And he was.

True, this card falls into the cracks of my vast collection that focuses mostly on rookie cards.

But look at this card.

Feel this card.

Hear this card.

Would you have passed this card up?

No I.

One Response to “Card of the Day: 1951 Bowman Bill Dickey”

  1. I can almost feel the vintage from here. Nice.

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