Flipping Michael Pineda for … Pineda and more.

Interesting news broke Friday night when the Yankees and Mariners swapped a couple of youngsters including headliners Michael Pineda and Jesus Montero.

There was a lot of card action on both sides.  TONS of people swooped in on Pineda rookies and rookie-year autos while the groans of many invested in Montero could be heard across the nation.

Me? I was a seller and a buyer.

I sold my sole Michael Pineda auto, a 2011 Bowman Prospect auto card featuring a signed sticker for $60.

It’s a card that had been depreciating in value ever since I pulled it from a pack earlier this year.  The card had two things against it:

1) It’s a sticker auto.

2) Pineda has signed a crap load of cards ever since the Bowman release, many of which are nicer and feature on-card autos.

So, what did I do with the $60?

I bought the Pineda card I really wanted: 2011 Topps Chrome autograph (on-card)

and added these vintage to my collection:

1955 Topps Harry Agganis rookie card

1959 Topps Roberto Clemente

and … a Hall of Fame auto:

2001 Donruss Classics Signifficant Signatures Steve Carlton

That, my friends, deserves one of these…

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