Putting the “loaded” Topps Value Box theory to the test

There’s been a fair amount of recent buzz surrounding the Topps Value Boxes, which have been on Target and WalMart shelves for months.  The chatter lately has been about the boxes possibly being loaded.

There have been reports of big name superfractors coming from the Bowman Chrome hobby packs embedded within these boxes.  This news has sent some people to store shelves searching for these packages.

Beckett.com recently had a piece by Chris Olds, who stated in the piece that he purchased 10 of the value boxes and pulled two autographs.

Long before this buzz I purchased a few of these and mine were hit and miss.  Nothing major, but each of my Chrome packs had an insert or parallel.

But the recent talk sent me back into stores to see if there has been a new stock of these supposedly “loaded” boxes.  I found five of them.

I actually recorded my break using my iPhone, but my video was 17 minutes, which is too long to host on YouTube.  So I’ll spare you the time and show you what came from the boxes, specifically the Bowman Chrome packs.  Definitely had some interesting pulls, beating the odds with some refractors.

2011 Bowman Chrome Refractor Nathan Eovaldi /500

2011 Bowman Chrome Blue Refractor Jean Segura /150

2011 Bowman Chrome Orange Refractor Jordan Swagerty /25

None of these is going to get someone to break the bank and make me a rich collector, but there is no arguing when you actually pull some colored refractors from just a few packs.

But do these pulls mean that these Value Boxes are loaded?

Not sure I’d say that.  I mean I definitely beat the odds, but I have opened and seen my fair share of duds.  Surely you have as well.

One Response to “Putting the “loaded” Topps Value Box theory to the test”

  1. I pulled three autos. Two chrome and a Refractor.

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