Thrift Treasures XXXVII: What the heck, Eck?!

So in the recent Beckett Sports Card Monthly, my tale about the thrift store find of a lifetime was chronicled on Page 34.  The story recounts my find of a game-used Earl Weaver 1977 home Baltimore Orioles jersey in a California thrift store.

As luck would have it, I found another baseball item a few weeks later also related to a Baseball Hall of Famer.

Sitting in a dusty, scratched showcase at a Fremont, Calif., thrift store was an Oakland Athletics baseball with some pen marks that would seem unreadable to the uninitiated.

But to the trained eye, we all know that the ink was placed there by hall of fame closer and Oakland A’s legend Dennis Eckersley.

This is not a Rawlings Official Major League Baseball; it’s one of those slick coated fan balls that has the team logo emblazoned on the sides. The kind you buy your kid. Usually these balls are notorious for faded signatures. But the ink from Eckersley’s signature managed to adhere and age nicely on this one.  Pretty cool considering that I think this ball was signed at least 10-15 years ago.

Gotta love that score for $4.

That deserves an official Dennis Eckersley fist pump.

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